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April 26, 2012

New London Tube: Cream Puff Powder Man

The Weird Beards play on rooftops and beaches around the city in a colorful music video

By Dirk Langeveld

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The music video for The Weird Beards’ song “Cream Puff Powder Man”

—— although the Patch office tends to be “wherever it needs to be,” there’s a good chance you can catch me parked at Bean and Leaf if I need to get some work done. And there are plenty of times when I’ve run into videographer Andrew Proctor, who sometimes has a new piece of work to share. He’s been politely asking me to put this video up, and since New London Tube is a good place to feature local musicians I finally said OK.
Don’t worry, the entire thing’s not upside-down, though it is pretty colorful. The band plays on rooftops and porches around downtown New London and on a Pequot Avenue beach, mostly during that “magic hour” around sunset.

The Weird Beards are: Nick Copozza (ukelele) Tim Donnel (drums), Jake Kaesar (upright bass), Alexi Kmiatek (mandolin) Geoff Mitchill (guitar), Brian Panganiban (trombone), Jay Silva (guitar and vocals), Brian Lee Skidmore (on lead vocals and ukelele), and Ian C. Thomas (harmonica). The creature scuttling about behind the band is Lobsterboy, a mascot recognizable by his bandoleer of CDs, demonic mask, and of course the chitinous claws and tail.
The band recently celebrated its fifth year, performing at the Oasis Pub to release a new full-length album entitled A.D.E.D., or “Cream Puff Powder Man” is on this album and is also one of four songs on the band’s EP, Arreaka.

About this column: This column runs every Thursday and looks at a YouTube video from within New London.         Related Topics: MusicMusic VideoNew London CTThe Weird Beards, and YouTube



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