9/30/10     Two Boots (Hula Hoop Competition)     281 Fairfield Ave.     8pm

9/25/10     Backstage Rock Bar     groton, ct     10pm     w/ the DIAMOND TWINS

8/28/10     Wrench in the Works     Willimantic, CT

8/20/10     Acoustic Cafe     2926 Fairfield Avenue Bridgeport, CT     9pm     w/ Greytooth     http://www.acousticafe.com/

7/4/10         PRIVATE PARTY     Myrock Rd, Waterford     Evening     Celebrating Independence w/ Fireworks and BBQ

7/2/10         Stash’s Cafe     95 Pequot Avenue New London, CT          opening for KUNG FU     http://www.stashs.com/

6/25/10     Hot Rod Cafe     114 Bank St. New London, CT     9pm     W/ THE DIAMOND TWINS     http://hotrodscafenewlondon.com/

6/24/10     Ideat Village Festival     Pitkin Plaza, New Haven, CT     9pm          http://www.ideatvillage.org/

6/17/10     PHISH LOT     Hartford, CT     sometime, somewhere     T.B.D.

6/11/10     STONEWALL TAVERN     Mansfield, CT     9pm

6/05/10     Oasis Pub     16 Bank St. New London, CT     10pm     BENEFIT FOR CRYSTAL CATHCART W/ STRAIGHT TO VHS AND MATT GOUETTE

5/29/10     (WHALIES) HYGIENIC ART PARK     New London Ct     6pm     NOMINATED FOR SOME AWARDS VOTE VOTE VOTE     http://www.wailingcity.com/vote

5/27/10     Bean n Leaf     New London, CT     7 pm     Brad Sheridan’s Art Show

5/15/10     BANK ST. CAFE     bank st New London, CT     10pm     W/ TAWNY TWELVE

5/06/10     BLEACHERS     Bristol, CT     9pm     W/ MISERY EXQUISITE     http://www.bleachersbar.com

4/20/10     3rd Annual 420 UKEFEST @ the Oasis      16 bank st. new london     9pm     w/ the sawtelles, liz larson, bethany boles & martin pearce     http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/event.php?eid=109605865746919&index=1

2/24/10     PRIVATE PARTY     Ledyard St. New London, CT     7pm     W/ DAN & LIZ & BUSMANS HOLIDAY (from Bloomington Indiana)

2/20/10     HOT ROD’S     10 Bank St.          W/ MISERY EXQUISITE     http://www.miseryexquisite.com

1/30/10     HYGIENIC ROCK FIXXXI     Crocker House Ballroom               http://www.hygienic.org

1/29/10     PRIVATE PARTY     Groton, CT     9:00PM to wheneva     E-MAIL WEIRDBEARDS@GMAIL.COM FOR MORE INFO


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